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Why do I need a REALTOR®?

With the explosion of the internet and websites such as, Zillow and Trulia, are REALTORS® still necessary? Quite frankly, consumers can shop online for a home before contacting a Realtor. Yet, finding the perfect house is a small fraction of the home buying process. Purchasing real estate is expensive, time consuming, and emotional.

REALTORS® are hired to provide peace of mind and keep you on track throughout the real estate transaction. Furthermore, REALTORS® help navigate the buying/selling process, educate on current economic conditions, negotiate contracts, and guide the paperwork process.

Before flying solo, please consider these questions…

How will you market?
Selling a house is more than a sign in the yard or an ad on Craigslist. Sellers must market in various formats – online, print, multi-media, social media, and open house events. Most importantly, homes included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allow other REALTORS® to search for properties listed by other companies.

Do you have the time?
Are you able to respond to all the buyer inquires, during the week, evenings, and weekends? How do you pre-screen serious buyers from tire kickers? Everyone that calls is not a suitable and honest buyer. Your REALTOR® will assist in pre-qualifying potential buyers.

Is your home ready to sell?
You are emotionally attached to your home. Can you properly prepare your home for sale while maintaining an objective opinion? Do you understand that displaying your grandmother’s antiques may turn away buyers? Prepare to sell the house, not the stuff. A REALTOR® will help increase your “sale-ability”.

Do you want to manage all the vendors?
There are numerous hands involved in real estate transactions to include, loan officers, appraisers, attorneys, and inspectors. Do you have the time and negotiation skills to manage the different parties?

How do you price your home?
Why does your neighbor house have a higher listing price, with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Not having a REALTORS® market knowledge provides a “guess-timate” on a listing price.

Life is hectic. Buying a house is the most important financial transaction most people will make in their lifetime. Safe your time and energy, hire a REALTOR®.